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:]RETROTARDs Roll Over Tards!

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  1. cc :]R  123 (Player)
  2. cc :]R  456 (Player)
  3. cc :]R  789 (Player)
  4. pt :]R  ag0n (Player)
  5. nl :]R  Allir (Player)
  6. nl :]R  Bigsmoke (Player)
  7. at :]R  Bl1zzardx (Player)
  8. se :]R  bObbAn (Player)
  9. nl :]R  boNg (Captain)
  10. ch :]R  crAsh (Player)
  11. fi :]R  crew (Player)
  12. de :]R  cRz (Captain)
  13. nl :]R  dEzz (Player)
  14. no :]R  Eirik (Player)
  15. dk :]R  fisken (Player)
  16. pl :]R  grzesiek (Player)
  17. pl :]R  h0mer (Player)
  18. de :]R  Heya (Player)
  19. gb :]R  Hvk (Player)
  20. ee :]R  infect (Player)
  21. hu :]R  Karrde (Player)
  22. be :]R  lio (Player)
  23. gb :]R  Mayni (Player)
  24. de :]R  meNtal (Captain)
  25. it :]R  MYSTIFY (Player)
  26. be :]R  Nickk (Player)
  27. cz :]R  ouwnerN (Player)
  28. tr :]R  Razzah (Player)
  29. de :]R  Sabio (Player)
  30. nl :]R  saKen (Player)
  31. pl :]R  sILENT (Player)
  32. fi :]R  Swanidius (Player)
  33. de :]R  TimeN (Player)
  34. gb :]R  tyyrd (Player)
  35. de :]R  whiskey (Player)
  36. de :]R  woDka (Player)

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